#combophoto: la Fotografia Surreale di McMennamy

Le #combophoto su Instagram di Stephen McMennamy

Al fotografo e creativo Stephen McMenanmy piace giocare molto con l’immaginazione. Ritaglia e mette insieme coppie di fotografie per dare vita a un’immagine nuova, surreale e straniante, che diverte e stupisce.

“Mescolo gli oggetti in base a colore, forma, consistenza. Anche se non sempre l’operazione è perfetta, a volte l’obiettivo è solo creare un gioco di scala e prospettiva, per ottenere un effetto divertente e curioso”, afferma Mennamy.

Le sue foto si trovano su Instagram e l’hashtag da seguire è #combophoto:

tree trunk + elephant trunk I've been wanting to do something with an elephant for a while now, but two things happened with that, I never felt like I had a super solid idea and I don't have access to elephants. Like ever. Cut to me in the Bahamas over thanksgiving and I couldn't help but notice how a lot of the palm trees grew low out the ground and every one of them looked like an elephant head… to me anyway. So that's what rattled around in my head and it quickly led to me obsessing over how to find a way to combine the two. And though I prefer to shoot these #combophotos myself, I also knew my elephant access was super limited. So rather than booking a flight to Africa I went online trying to find the perfect elephant. Which I did and what I found just so happened to work perfectly. This beautiful elephant image was captured behind the lens of Jez Bennett, a phenomenal nature photographer based in Zimbabwe. Huge thanks to Jez and please check out more of his work at… jezbennett.com And a final thanks to the world wide web for being so world wide.

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beard + pine straw this idea got buried way down at the bottom of the early days #combophoto pile. I photographed myself and the beard of pine straw back in April of 2014. I'd tried an edit that cut off most of my face, mainly because I wasn't sure of what was happening with my eyes. I shot this early in the morning and though I was mostly in shadow (laying on the ground), the sky was so bright I could hardly open my eyes. that said I guess I'm willing to overlook what wasn't working for me then, but apparently works for me now. or maybe I'm just being lazy? Last thing, and I hate to do this here, but I've been nominated for a Shorty Award and though it's awkward to ask for your vote… could you guys vote for me… and stuff? Okay, there's a handy dandy link in my bio. Thank you.

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smokestack + cigarette. #WHPeyetricks #combophoto

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lightbulb + egg ?? R.I.P. to all the eggs lost on this one. I welcome all clever/punny commentary. #combophoto

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bullhorn + gun ?? say it, don't spray it. #combophoto

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